UM Renegade Thor

UM launches Renegade Thor | Let’s see if its worthy of the title

 Straight down from Asgard!

I think you can already tell why this one is named THOR, this is the first electric motorcycle in the Renegade lineup. There have been a lot of new electric motorcycle releases in the Auto Expo this year, but UM Renegade Thor from UM Motorcycles is different from the lot. It is so because unlike many other concept motorcycles showcased at the Auto Expo, UM Renegade Thor is a fully production motor-vehicle priced at Rs 4.9 Lakh. Continue reading to know more about this God of Thunder.

UM Renegade Thor

Top speed of 180 km/hr !!

Let’s start with the power figures and performance numbers. Being a completely electric motorcycle, the electric motor engine produces a very high amount of torque, about 70 NM. The motorcycle unleashes its peak power of 40 BHP @ 8000 RPM. The electric engine needs to be powered by a battery, of which UM motorcycles offers 3 different variants, Small ; Medium ; Large. The Smallest battery provides a range of 81 km while the Largest one offers up-to 270 km of range. There are also three types of charging available, in the slowest setting it takes about 7 hours to fully charge while in the fastest setting it only takes about 40 minutes to charge from 0-80% ,impressive isn’t it.

UM Renegade Thor
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The UM Renegade Thor offers two driving modes; Eco and Sports. It can attain speeds up-to 180 km/hr while in Sports mode, however the range may decrease while driving on this mode. To obtain maximum range possible, one can easily switch back to Eco mode. It also comes equipped with a reverse mode, which can help you a lot during parking 😉 .


A renegade with an electric heart

Now let’s talk about the design. The UM Renegade Thor borrows heavily from its older siblings. It is a cruiser motorcycle and most definitely looks like it. Let’s start from the front. It contains circular LED headlamp at the front. A fully digital instrument cluster at the top of the fuel tank. It sports hydraulic telescopic suspension at the front and twin adjustable shocks at the rear.

UM Renegade Thor
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For braking the motorcycle uses disk brake setup, with 280mm disk at the front and 240mm disk at the rear. UM has stated that when the motorcycle hits the road it will come equipped with dual channel ABS. Although it also contains a clutch and gear lever, it’s just for experiencing the feel of riding a normal motorcycle as it does not participate in modulating the torque levels, you will get standardized 70 NM of torque in any gear.

If the price seems too high, don’t worry cause it may decrease a bit during launch. Mostly due to localization and reduction of taxes on other components

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