Triumph Tiger 800 XR and XC range of bikes launched in India.

The Triumph Tiger 800 are adventure bikes built for both long distance riding as well as for “tackling the tough stuff” as Triumph has put it very aptly. The bike comes with 800cc’s and a whopping 95HP and 79np of torque which should be more than enough to tackle any terrain.

The 2nd gen 800cc engine also features a Ride-by-wire throttle system which according to Triumph provides smoother power delivery , better response and lower emissions. All of which results in a 17% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Triumph Tiger 800
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The Instrument cluster also adds a lot to the whole adventure riding experience by putting in many functions like ambient temperature, fuel gauge, gear indicator, odometer and journey distance. But the XRx and XCx models do have additional functionalities including : journey time, average speed, average fuel consumption, range to empty and instantaneous fuel consumption.


According to the riders needs Triumph has divided their bike in 2 categories The Touring focused XR range and the off road biased XC range.

A Tiger to suit everyone

The XR range

The XR range offers dynamic adventure bikes which truly shows its stuff on the tarmac. Also featuring the first in class switchable ABS and Triumph Traction Control as well as cast wheels – 19inch at the front and  “a chassis tuned for outstanding road manners.” This bikes are suggested for those riders who like to go long distance rides and without compromising on the comfort.

The XR range includes

Triumph Tiger 800
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Tiger 800 XR (10,87,000.00) this is the base model which comes with 800cc three cylinder engine with Rbw electronic control , tailored ergonomics , an on board computer and much more .

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Tiger 800 XRX (₹12,13,000.00) over and above all the stuff present on the XR the XRx features 3 riding modes “Road, Off-Road, configurable Rider” , a cruise control , adjustable screen , center guards , hand guards and also self cancelling indicators .

The XC range

These are all purpose machines which can truly be appreciated while off road biking . Featuring WP premium suspensions as standard with  21″ spoked wheel at the front and 17 at the rear at the same time still having the things which make the XR variant great.

“The responsive chassis and torque-laden engine is matched to the perfect blend of technology, equipment and style, resulting in a bike that can tackle the most arduous of journeys with ease”

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Tiger 800 XCx (₹13,28,000.00) In addition to all the things already featuring on the XRx , 800 XCx also includes Engine protection bars , Aluminum sump guard and Radiator guard among other things.

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Tiger 800 XCa ( 14,37,500.00) This one has a GPS mounting kit , LED auxiliary fog lights ,  Aluminium radiator guard , Pannier rails for aluminium , CNC machined footrest spanniers and an uprated alterator which helps in heating the rider equipment like the grips , the rider and passenger seats.

Which one do you prefer ?

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