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Suzuki Katana | Feel the edge

It’s beautiful to gaze upon and unbelievably exciting to wield

After 4 exciting teaser videos, Suzuki finally took the curtains off and revealed the new Katana during the INTERMOT 2018 on 2nd October but was it worth the hype and all the wait? Well, in our opinions it certainly was. Here’s a promotional video of the new Suzuki Katana, watch for yourself (quick tip: Increase the play speed to x1.25 till 1:17)

Suzuki Katana promotional video INTERMOT 2018

The new Katana doesn’t stray away much from the old model. In a sense, it is a bit more evolved and modern version. The design looks edgy *pun intended* with those sharp and convulated cuts, *suits the name* and the floating tail section adds to the appeal and the dark and elegant black muffler completes the look. For the comfort of the rider the Suzuki Katana features a sleek two-tone seat and seat strap for good grip. The front features a square LED headlamp which sits comfortably in the perfectly chiseled front fairings. Another major highlight is the SUZUKI font on the fuel tank, the font is the same that was used in the original Katana which made its appearance 37 years ago.

What else can we say about the design, well look for yourself in the pictures below: (source:

Under the hood

Under the hood of the new Katana is the same 999cc motor as seen on another iconic motorcycle by Suzuki, The GSX-S1000R. This liquid-cooled, in-line-four cylinder engine peaks out 150hp of power at 10,000rpm and 108Nm of peak torque at 9,500 RPM. For transmission the Katana uses a 6-speed gearbox combined with a slipper clutch. The Suzuki Katana also features a three mode traction control system (this can be turned off ). More detailed specs are shown in the image below. (courtesy:

Suzuki Katana Specification
Technical Stuff…..

The Suzuki Katana will be available to consumers in Europe by early 2019 not much is known about its pricing, but as soon as we get to know about it we will notify the readers. In our opinion Suzuki Katana is a great looking bike, we don’t currently know how it handles on the road but the design looks agile enough and the suspension setup is good too. According to Suzuki- The seat and optimized riding position are designed to enhance controllability and keep you riding comfortably on longer outings. Suzuki might have made a really good move in relaunching the Katana. 

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