Suzuki Katana teased yet again!

Be careful when watching the reveal or you might cut yourself!

Suzuki has been hinting about the release of its new motorcycle (well not exactly new) the Katana, through a series of teaser videos. The final teaser which you can see beneath this paragraph almost showcases how the motorcycle will look, and we are pretty hyped with the revamped and modern looks. I won’t take much of your time, just watch the reveal teaser down below.


As the last few seconds of the teaser suggests, the final reveal will be done on INTERMOT October 2nd, till then you have to wait paitiently.

*I know its hard*

What we can analyse from the trailer is that the new Katana doesn’t stray far from its original design giving the motorcycle a bit more modern aesthetic. We do not know its engine specifications as of now, but its safe to assume that the engine will be smooth and fast, so that it can live upto its name. For a more detailed analysis we need to wait till 2nd October INTERMOT. You can see the original design of the Katana on the image down below so that you can see where it all started.

 Suzuki Katana old

For those who are awaiting the final analysis of the Suzuki Katana which will be finally unveiled on 2nd October, we will cover that on the future article so do keep checking out the website, or better turn on post notifications or subscribe to newsletter so you won’t miss out on any content. Till then, see ya!

Edit- As promised here’s the official launch article. Enjoy!


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