Suzuki Burgman Street | Quick Overview

Head Turner

You might have seen leaked images of the Suzuki Burgman Street on the internet few weeks earlier. Finally its launched and just as the leaked images, the final version looks quite impressive. This type of scooter is commonly knows as Maxi-Scooter. This is how the Burgman Street looks like.

Burgman Street

Our staff here has polarized opinion on its design. Some of them like it, some do not but nevertheless it certainly is a head turner. Let’s see what are some of its features and a quick overview of the design and engine. A detailed review will soon be posted on the site so make sure to subscribe to notifications so that you wouldn’t miss out on that.

Bold and Stylish

Let’s first talk about its design. As seen in the images above, this does not look like your everyday scooter and takes a more stylish approach, just like the recently launched Ntorq by TVS. The Burgman Street’s main target is the younger audience the aesthetics and design is made sure to appeal to such. But don’t get confused with the bold and bulkiness, the Burgman Street is as quick and agile as the Access 125, its older sibling.

Suzuki Burgman

Starting from the front, the front apron is designed with an edge and is tilted at an angle, a clever move by Suzuki as it doubles as an angular footrest which works great ergonomically. Above the apron Suzuki very subtly integrated the turn indicators along with a wide LED headlamp at the front, which looks way more sleek in person. Above the headlamp the subtly attached flyscreen increases the overall wow factor of the Burgman Street.

Suzuki Burgman

Behind the apron is a well concealed glove box for keeping important stuff in the compartment to keep if dry during rain. Inside the compartment there is an optional accessory of USB charger, for your phones and stuff. At the right side you get a holder, the same one as seen in the Suzuki Access 125. It can easily accommodate a 1L water bottle. At the middle there is a hinge for supporting handbags.

The rear end of the Burgman Street continues the same design aesthetics as the front. The tail lamp is thin and sleek along with very subtly integrated turn indicators. The trendy silencer at the back finished the voluptuous Burgman Street.

Power in your hands

Suzuki’s scooters are known for being nimble and agile as seen in the very successful Suzuki Access. Despite its voluptuous looks, the Burgman Street handles quite well and is quick in the roads too. Burgman Street uses the same engine as that of the Access 125, but has been tweaked for higher mid-range. The engine produces the maximum power of 8.58 bhp at 7,000 rpm and 10.2 Nm Torque at 5,000 rpm. Suzuki claims that the Burgman Street shall provide a real world mileage of 53.5 kmpl.

Suzuki Burgman

Final Thoughts

In our opinion the Suzuki Burgaman Street offers a something fresh in the scooter market, which definitely counts as a plus. The Burgman directly competes with the TVS Ntorq, both offering something new to the market. This definitely counts for a comparison between the two, however that will take us quite some time, but be sure to check back on that. One more thing, do like and share this article if you deem worthy and don’t forget to mention your feedback and opinions on the comments section down below.

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