Everything you need to know about Royal Enfield Signals 350

Made like a Gun!

Royal Enfield has a brief and much integrated history in India. Its motorcycles have been in use both by the military and the police forces since long times. To pay homage to the people in service, Royal Enfield has launched new limited edition motorcycle called the Signals 350. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Royal Enfield Signals 350, continue reading below to find out.

Limited Edition:

Royal Enfield Signals 350
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The Royal Enfield signals 350 is a limited edition motorcycle manufactured to pay homage to the men in service of defence of the country. The numbers which you can see in the fuel tank is the serial no. of the motorcycle and each motorcycle will have an unique number, thus differentiating them from the other units.

Two Variants


Royal Enfield Signals 350
source: https://royalenfield.com

This Classic 350 Stormrider Sand livery is inspired by those testing border terrains and desert outposts, celebrating the mettle of the forces and the motorcycles that serve in those harsh conditions.

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Royal Enfield Signals 350
source: https://royalenfield.com

The Classic 350 Airborne Blue paint scheme is inspired by Royal Enfield’s long heritage of serving the guardians of our skies.

Royal Enfield official website

Equipped with dual channel ABS

Royal Enfield signals 350
source: https://royalenfield.com

Prevention is better than cure, similarly safety is always better than accidents. The Royal Enfield Signals 350 is the fist motorcycle in the Royal Enfield lineup to introduce ABS technology. Equipped with the Anti-Lock Braking system (full form of ABS), the motorcyle is now much safer to ride with minimal chances of skidding.

Low fuel and ABS indicator

The instrument cluster now includes a low fuel indicator as well as ABS indicator light instead of the ammeter that is offered in the standard versions.

Priced at Rs 1.61 lakh INR

The Royal Enfield Signals 350 is priced at Rs 1.61 Lakh, which is Rs 22,000 more than the standard classic 350. If you want to purchase this limited edition motorcycle than you can book it by paying a token amount of Rs 5000 INR at any Royal Enfield showroom.

This limited edition motorcycle is a great buy for collectors and fans considering its rich Indian heritage. Although there has been some controvery about this as comparisons have been made with the Royal Enfield Pegasus 500, another limited edition motorcyle by Royal Enfield. The design of the motorcycle being pretty similar to the signals 350, and it also doesn’t come equipped with ABS. Similarities aside, the Pegasus has 500cc displacement and the Signals has 350cc displacement. In my opinion both motorcyles are unique in their own aspect.


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