The new Re-launched Honda Civic 2018

The Honda Civic ladies and gentleman is back. It’s always been an aspirational car for us Indians. In 2006 when it was first launched it looked rather futuristic and ahead of its time. In 2013 however when Honda has decided to discontinue the car it broke many hearts. Now the Honda Civic is re-launched in 2018 Auto Expo. It’s the 10th generation of the Honda Civic, a car so popular that it is sold in 170 countries. Its back this time with the petrol and the diesel engine. Let’s have a closer look now.

Honda Civic re-launched

At this point Honda is not disclosing more engine options the Civic is coming in. if I was to make a guess I would say a 1.8L petrol and a 1.6L diesel motor. The suspension setup used for the front is macpherson strut type and on the rear it is multi-link type. Now let’s quickly jump inside the new 10th generation Honda Civic.

Design and Interiors

Honda Civic re-launched

Now while the car looks a lot younger on the outside and a lot more aggressive. Things on the inside are a little bit changed. They look a lot more mature in here. The cabin looks like it’s a lot more leather and faux carbon fibre on here. It has got this all black colour dashboard with clean and superior interiors. All this go with the stylish I shaped handbrake. After all this things it still retains some good stuffs like the paddle shifters, futuristic looking speedometer. It comes with a sunroof just like the other sedans in the market. The extra-long wheelbase has really helped for the rear seat passengers. With the front seat fully stretched you will be left with some descent amount of knee and head room.

Honda Civic re-launched

Availability and Pricing

Now when the civic is launched it will be going against the Skoda Octavia and the Hyundai Elantra out there. Segments that’s not doing particularly well for itself. But if Honda keeps the price in between 15-17 lakh rupees that will make it a really sweet deal. This will bring this car on the top of the charts.

Interestingly the Honda Civic car is very popular amongst youngsters. It has its own fan following, people who really enjoy this brand, people who like the way the car looks and the way it feels. All the serious enthusiasts have to wait until 2019 to launch this car in India.

Honda Civic re-launched

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Post Author: Hemansh