Honda Shine

Honda Shine | The best commuter in the segment?

Commuting Redefined

With the petrol prices on the rise, the demand for commuter motorcycles has been increased extensively. But commuters doesn’t always need to focus on mileage, there must be some room for a little bit of fun riding. This is where the Honda Shine really SHINES! *pun intended*. This commuter motorcycle by Honda is a perfect blend of performance and comfort also it doesn’t hurt your pockets too.

Honda Shine

Ride it with confidence

Taking a quick look around the motorcycle really shows what sets it apart from the crowd. It just looks more stylish and accessible to the younger generations. Gone are the days when commuters used to appeal to a more older generation. Honda offers two variants of the motorcycle, Honda CB Shine and Honda Shine SP. A detailed comparison of the two models are in progress, therefore do subscribe for notifications so that you wont miss out on that. Coming back to the topic in hand, riding the Honda Shine is really comfortable. The ergonomics are great and you won’t even feel a bit of stress while riding it. The smooth engine also helps in minimizing the vibrations on economy range (between 50-60 kmph mark, the SP version can go further without much vibrations due to the extra 5th gear).

Honda Shine
Honda CB Shine Instrument Cluster

The seat is quite wide and comfortable for all rider heights, both tall and short. Both the front and rear suspensions are great, you won’t feel any back stress while riding through bumps or potholes (perfect for Indian roads). For braking, there is an option to opt for the front disk variant, although it is a bit expensive, but its definitely better for your safety.

Honda Shine
Honda Shine SP Instrument Cluster

The visuals are great too, it comes with cool decals, some nice looking headlamps and a well sculpted body. The SP version also comes with a tank shroud. The rear tail lamp looks modern and comes along with a nice tail grip, for pillion comfort. The SP version also comes with a digital odometer and fuel gauge coupled with an analog speedometer.

Refined Engine

The Honda Shine is powered by 124.7 cc, single cylinder engine. Both Shine variants, the CB Shine and Shine SP are powered by the same engine. However both produce a varying power and torque due to different engine tuning. The CB Shine produces 10.57 BHP power at 7500 rpm and 10.30 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm and comes mated to a 4-speed gearbox. The Shine SP produces 10.16 BHP power @ 7500 rpm and 10.30 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. It comes mated with a 5-speed gearbox. The smoothness of the engine is unparalleled in the segment.


Honda Shine
Honda Shine SP

The mileage of the motorcycle heavily depends on your driving style, if you ride the Honda Shine in economical conditions then you can expect a mileage of 60kmpl (this is an average figure for mileage, and can increase or decrease depending on riding conditions). The motorcycle comes with a fuel tank capacity of 10.5 litres. You can expect an approximate range of 500-550 km on full tank.

Honda Shine
Honda CB Shine

Although the motorcycle is not meant for driving at high speeds, I know there some people among our readers who want to test the limits of the engine. The maximum achievable top speed is 105 kmph *personally tested*(this figure can increase or decrease depending on the weight of the rider and the condition of the motorcycle).

Final Verdict

Honda Shine is a really great commuter in the 125cc segment. It is a bit expensive when compared to the commuters offered by other competing companies like Hero, Bajaj and TVS, but on the long run it is definitely a better performing machine than the competition. In my opinion if you are not on a very tight budget, definitely go for Honda Shine cause it really is the best commuter in the market.

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