Apache RR 310 Racing Edition officially unveiled

RR 310 Engine fine tuned for the tracks!

TVS Racing, the racing wing of TVS Motors has announced the final list of 12 riders who will participate in the TVS Apache RR 310 One Make Series. These riders will be competing on the race-spec Apache RR 310, specially designed for the tracks. There are a few modifications here and there to the original model. This new racing edition with changes in its aesthetics and a fine tuned engine is expected to produce about 44+ BHP. This is about 10+ BHP more than the original model which produces 33.5 BHP and 27.3 NM of torque.

Apache RR 310
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Design Changes

The race-spec Apache RR 310 looks very similar to the Akula concept model which was showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo. This new race-spec model does not get a headlamp and features a taller windscreen for improving the aerodynamics. The track-only Apache RR 310 also gets aerofoils to improve aerodynamics. The large and bulky exhaust is replaced with a race unit. This change has helped in reducing the weight of the component and has also improved the overall performance. There are no passenger footpegs (duh!). The ECU is also fine tuned for racing characteristics for improved performance.

Track only, not Road Legal

The engine used in the race-spec Apache RR 310 is the same which is used in the original base model. Its just that it is fine tuned for performance figures. It also features a stiffer suspension setup along with race-spec tyres and upgraded brakes. The only letdown is that this race-spec version of Apache RR 310 is not road legal and will be used only in the TVS Apache RR 310 One Make Series. This means that you won’t be able to purchase this version.

Apache RR 310

What’s in it for me then?

A good question. During the official launch of the track only Apache RR 310 TVS announced that they will be looking into the possibility of offering some of these upgrades to the customers at a later stage. This means that you shall be able to customize your current RR 310 to perform like the race spec model. There is also a possibility that TVS might release a road-legal version of the new model. Till then keep your fingers crossed, we shall update you all if any more news about this surfaces.

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